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Advancement Through Technology



Since it was founded in 2008,

Veloline has been designing bicycle frames and manufacturing parts,

developing the business via convergence with various industries.

Our research and development efforts are continuing to this day,

with a focus on innovation, creative, and technology.


Veloline offers products that can deliver universal brand values

to users in the global market.

While adding comfort to products, Veloline works to maintain aesthetic values

with a premium-oriented mindset. In increasing the value of its products,

Veloline continued technological development and created unique products

that meet the spirit of the times and the evolving market trends.


Veloline maintains tradition while creating new elements within it.

To achieve this goal, Veloline conducted numerous tests by  expert researchers,

while maintaining that the true objective of tests is to find the smallest problems

in the boundaries of our development.

With increased convenience and improved design,

we have created the highest entertainment experienced in daily life, travel, and regular roads. 

Diversified color schemes, designs requiring attention to detail, geometry that delivers more

comfortable posture and ease of riding, as well as various parts were not easy to develop.


Some may say that Veloline has already achieved its objectives,

but it would be uncharacteristic of our company to stop short of perfection.

Veloline exists, first and foremost, to evolve and maintain its constant evolution.


Veloline goes beyond technical factors and into aesthetic elements that express beauty,

which is in turn converged with culture of various areas to develop outstanding products

that goes above the concept of sporting bicycles.


Good bicycles are made from a customer-oriented mindset, and good bicycles make people happy.

Happy people, in turn, share and add their happiness to others and more of others.


Small consideration, idea, and design element that begin from Veloline can change the world,

which is why Veloline imagines a better future with better products.

Veloline discovers value of bicycles and adds dedication to it to help more people enjoy cycling.

Veloline makes bicycles with design for people, rather than for design itself,

and design for the environment and future values.